Heidelberg Materials in Belgium teams up with Fluxys Belgium for CO₂ transport infrastructure project

Heidelberg Materials in Belgium teams up with Fluxys Belgium for CO₂ transport infrastructure project

Antoing, April 6th 2023 –The cement activity of Heidelberg Materials in Belgium (currently known as CBR) aims to implement the Anthemis project in its Antoing cement plant to meet its carbon emission reduction targets. It is pleased to team up with Fluxys Belgium in order to create a CO2 value chain. The partners have just signed an expression of interest underlining the cement company's willingness to have access to and use of the CO₂ transport backbone project proposed by the Belgian gas transport infrastructure operator.

Heidelberg Materials' cement activity in Belgium is pursuing its CO₂ reduction objectives. In this context, the company intends to equip its Antoing plant with an innovative hybrid carbon capture unit. The project is called Anthemis. Once operational, the installation will reduce Antoing's CO₂ emissions by over 97%. Some 800.000 tonnes of CO₂ will be captured annually. In this way, Antoing will become the first continental cement plant in Western Europe to supply carbon-free cement.

Christophe Streicher, CEO Heidelberg Materials Benelux : "Sustainability is a top priority for Heidelberg Materials. In terms of reducing CO₂ emissions, we want to be the sector leader on the road to carbon neutrality. To achieve our goal, we are proud to be associated with a trusted partner such as Fluxys Belgium. The access to transport infrastructure that Fluxys Belgium intends to develop from Tournai to Zeebrugge and Ghent will connect our cement plant in Antoing to a large CO₂ transport network and to carbon storage sites in the North Sea. With the Anthemis installation, our production facility in Antoing would thus become the enabler of a complete CO₂ value chain. At the same time, our group is also a partner in the Project of Common Interest Project (PCI) EU2NSEA, a major cross-border CO₂ capture and storage project."

The agreement between Heidelberg Materials and Fluxys Belgium aims to accelerate the energy transition of the industrial sector. It is an important milestone that contributes in a concrete way to the ambitious climate objectives that Belgium and Europe have established.

Pascal De Buck, CEO Fluxys Belgium : "We are pleased to sign this expression of interest with Heidelberg Materials. The commitment of Heidelberg Materials is important for Fluxys as it enables us to actively support the development of a global CO₂ transport infrastructure. The Anthemis installation and its connection to the transport infrastructure are an integral part of Fluxys' approach, offering CO₂ emitters the possibility of transporting their captured CO₂ via pipelines to various export points. Together we are contributing to a more sustainable society through decarbonisation solutions for industry, which are essential for meeting climate change targets and ensuring the long-term viability of the economy."

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Heidelberg Materials in Belgium teams up with Fluxys Belgium for CO₂ transport infrastructure project

The kiln at the Antoing cement plant – where Anthemis is foreseen to be based - is one of the most efficient in the world.